Sunday, February 10, 2013

Louisville Lovin' the Hills 50K pre-report / Colorado Trail Speed Record Attempt News

Maximizing potential...that's what its all about.

My goals for the 2013 edition of the Louisville Lovin' The Hills 50K were pretty simple; Run strong and solid mentally and physically throughout, beat the 6 year old course record of 4:39, and hopefully win in the process. Last year I had the run of my life while battling Eric Grossman. Living up the precedent set last year would be hard to do.

I will have a much more detailed and analytic race report up early this week here on the blog, but here's the gist; I ran a really good race. I would give myself a A or A- in this race if it were a test. Last year I would have scored an A+. Placement being irrelevant, its all about running the maximum you are capable of. I ran close to that this year. Mentally I buried myself the entire day which I'm happy about. My body was physically stronger than ever in regards to musculo-skeletal system strength this year, and my cardio fitness was almost in top shape with the reason short taper leaving me at about 95% in cardio fitness. This was not an A race for the year. I'm building to peak for Umstead 100 in April. Not every race can be the race of a lifetime and you can't always be at 100%.

This all equates to running a 4:37 yesterday, taking 10 minutes off of last years time, on a shorter course, which means my pace was basically the same. I beat the 6 year old course record by two minutes, (which was also run on a different course, I believe ever shorter than what we ran yesterday). Considering last year I had the race of my life, and this year I didn't feel like I was at 100% in the cardio dept, (I was definitely at 100% in the musculo-skeletal strength dept, which helped keep form solid on technical decents...), I can't complain. It was strong and solid and I met my goals.

In the process of meeting my goals, Scott Breeden brought his "A" game and ran his best race I've seen him run ever at ultra distance. He deserved the win, and got it. He is an Olympic quality talent whom has finally got his education in the sport of ultra distance and is running what he is capable of. It's good to see him nail the ultra distance stuff finally in regards to pacing himself well and running with confidence. He is capable of sub-70 minute half-marathon times and with that physiological blessing, it's great to see what he can do on the ultra circuit while maximizing HIS potential.  

Like I said, I'll write a better race later this week but I wanted to get something out.


Much progress was made this week in the Colorado Trail Speed Record Attempt planning. My friend Stephanie will come out on day four and crew for the duration. Mike Ambrose who will also be running has some friends in Colorado, (he lives in Leadville), who will also be able to help maybe in the first four days.

Locking in crew to help shuttle tents and gear was paramount in going for the speed record. Now that we have some crew under wraps I'm happy to say this is going to happen! Like I said though, we still need help. If you are interested in running with us or helping to crew our attempt please let me know!

The journey commences on July 17th!

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