Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mill Race Marathon

Mill Race Marathon was my first race since June, and my first flat road marathon in a year. I had hopes of running under 2:40 but came up long...

I was actually planning on running The North Coast 24 Hour Run the weekend prior and had no plans to run a marathon...After my summer of long endurance, I focused on long timed runs on a one mile crushed track
in hopes to qualify for the USA 24 hour team. I signed up for North Coast but my wife had an event come up at work. To help out around home I decided to abandon North Coast and run the marathon the next weekend. (My wife and daughter accompanied me and we made a weekend of it.)

I think it meant a lot to her that I gave up my hopes of qualifying for the US team at North Coast. It showed that family is more important than running...I had after all, traveled an insane amount this summer. I can qualify next year. Still a bummer as training was going well...

I felt good for the run and my heart rate was where it should be, over 90% of max HR.

In the end, I went in to it a little too fresh and with too much muscle mass. I was 10 pounds heavier than my last road race at Marathon distance, however my body fat was super low, at under 5% so it was all muscle bulk.

I'm OK with the results overall. I was seventh place, and ran a decent run for my current fitness. 2:54

I needed to start the season fresh as I have a stout fall schedule ahead and I have time to gain fitness and lose muscle mass.

I was impressed greatly with the organization and professionalism at the Mill Race Marathon. Downtown Columbus held a huge after-party with multiple bands and tons of fair booths and great food. This event is sure to become a huge success in years to come.