Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Building to a peak- Spring 100

The year has gone well. The general theme is experience taking over raw force. Bad conditions have yielded the worst conditions I've ever seen at LLTH 50k and LBL 50Mi this year.

For the snow at LLTH I just hung out and ran slow until the return which I knew would be packed powder, a better running surface, finishing strong I had an OK day but could have done better I guess.

I had a good run at LBL and fully believe in good conditions I was primed for a PR and would have ran a 6:20 but the snow created the most mud and standing water I've raced in. It was standing water on the entire course. I went out fast and was blown when the conditions deteriorated more than I expected. I got passed in the final few miles which pissed me off, since I was fried from not expecting the standing water which slowed me down...The first lap was fast as the snow was frozen over providing a fast yet slippery surface. I'd grade the race a B I guess...I don't know.

I've been running good mileage getting in some 100 mile weeks and focusing on quality with a LOT of training runs in the 16-22 mile range at 6:30-7:00 pace which is good for me.

I'm trying to balance recovery with maintenance for my last race of the season, The Blind Pig 100 which should be fast in good conditions. It's a singeltrack loop with not much climbing.

Until then...