Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Presidential Range Photos / Completion of the 4000 footers.

Back in early summer I completed the New Hampshire 4000 footers, a list of 48 peaks in NH over 4000 feet elevation. Westerners may scoff at the relatively low elevation of these peaks but I assure you, they are magnificent. In NH, treeline tends to fall at 4000, so many of the peaks are very exposed as they range in height from 4003' to 6388'. The quality of subalpine terrain in the area is nearly intoxicating as one descends into spruce-fir forest and the smells of evergreen and moss enter your senses. Here are pics from the Presidential Range Traverse. I traversed the range as a grand gesture to finish the 4K's. The range is 20 miles with nearly 9000' elevation gain. I was attempting to also set the speed record on this day, but 3' of snow the week before in the northern range made the conditions winter conditions which are not conducive to an FKT attempt. Instead, I took my time and enjoyed the beauty of this range so dear to my heart. 

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