Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Spring Shoes to Get Excited About.

I wrote two entries today, so check out the entry below as well...

Finally! There is a whole batch of shoes to get excited about!

Maybe it is the FiveFingers movement, or just a total lack of low'slung racing flats for trails supportive enough for a 50 miler, but there a lot of great things coming to stores in spring 2011,

Keen A86
Haven't gotten a chance to  road test these, but I'm getting some in a few weeks to test out! Could be a competitive shoe for Keen finally!? It would be a first! 9.4 oz, drop unknown

Montrail Rogue Racer- Getting to test these in one week, Feb is here! 8.8 Oz 10mm drop

Montrail Rogue Racer upper

Saucony Peregrine- Still trying to source these without paying retail! The peregrines counterpart for the road however, has been getting nothing short of RAVE reviews, and a friend of mine, even wore the Kinvara, (road version), during part of the Pinhoti 100! I am excited to try this as it has the lowest drop in most any trail racer I have seen which still has enough support and cushion for most to run a 50 miler in as long as the trails are good singletrack 9.2 oz. 4mm DROP!
<em>Saucony</em> - ProGrid <em>Peregrine</em>

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